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Apps / Software

Syuc for a healthier life

TaiDoc provides a series of smartphone application on both iOS and Android platform that supports the real time self-monitoring and analysis to your everyday health.

  • Bluetooth smart and universal standard profile(classic) that compatible to the latest technology.
  • Real time monitoring and automatically synchronize personal health data from smartphone to the teleheath system.
  • Graphical history data analysis and the most user friendly easy to use interface.

Choose your platform to get started:



  • Data analysis :7, 14, 30, 60, 90 day average, reading distribution, trend graphs and charts
  • Data could be exported as JPG or CSV via email
  • Support data back up to cloud server


Healthy Check Pro on iPad

Healthy Check Pro

  • Design for professional use
  • Support bluetooth data transmission or import manually
  • Support data back up to cloud server

HealthyChek on iPhone

Healthy Check

  • Data analysis: 7, 14, 30 day average, reading distribution, trend graphs and charts for blood glucose and blood pressure.
  • Medication reminder
  • Data could be exported as JPG or CSV via email
  • Support data back up to cloud server

Healthy Check

  • Windows-based software program
  • 7 parameters – Blood glucose, ketone, cholesterol, lactate, uric acid, blood pressure and temperature
  • Support language :English, Spanish, German
Download TaiDoc’s Health Care System Software (PCLink Software)

Support model number :

Diagnostics :

TD-4116, TD-4129, TD-4141(E1), TD-4183(A1), TD-4206 (Procheck Advance), TD-4209, TD-4227, TD-4230, TD-4231, TD-4234,TD-4235, TD-4239, TD-4248, TD-4249, TD-4252, TD-4253, TD-4255, TD-4257, TD-4261(L1), TD-4265, TD-4267, TD-4268, TD-4269, TD-4277, TD-4278 (Procheck Premium), TD-4279, TD-4280, TD-4283, TD-4285, TD-4287, TD-4289(I1)

Blood Pressure Monitor :

TD-3027, TD-3128, TD-3140, TD-3217, TD-3223, TD-3250, TD-3250C, TD-3261

Thermometer :

TD-1107, TD-1119, TD-1241, TD-1261

Download Software >
(for Windows 10 )

Download Software >
(for Windows 7 / Windows 8 )

Installation Guide

Download >

Download TaiDoc USB Adapter Driver (Support Windows 7 or above)
Cable ModelInstallation GuideDrive download
CP210xDownload >
PL-2303Download >
Device descriptionMEDISAFE EX Diabetes Management System
Support model numberTD-4119
Release Date2013.06.07
Support Operation SystemWindows 7 or above
SoftwareDownload >
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